Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Well, I warned you

Listen people, I only yesterday found the time to go to the grocery store for the first time in 2 weeks, all right? And that's only by skipping yoga, which means that's 3 weeks I've skipped it.

And it's not like I'm super busy or anything. I've discovered that I really need to have time when I'm not doing anything. If I don't have a few evenings/days a week when I know there's nothing I have to do or pay attention to, then everything feels too crowded. Even if all the "stuff" I have to do and attend to just exactly fills up my time and I don't have to hurry from one thing to another, it still feels rushed to me. And things have been feeling a little crowded lately; I haven't sat down and watched 3 reruns of Scrubs in a row for weeks now, and that sucks. In fact, last night, as I was sitting down to eat dinner, I went to turn on the TV and noticed that we have a different TV! Then I remembered that old housemate had moved out with his and it had been replaced last week, but last night was the first time I'd had the opportunity to watch it. And then I couldn't find the remote or anything.

Also, for some reason, work seems especially busy this past couple weeks. Possibly because we're trying to put out this paper, possibly because some people are on holiday and I have to pick up slack, possibly because I've been too lazy before.

But! This past weekend I got out to Galway and the Aran Islands and, when I have the time, I will write about it and put up some pictures. (Don't be silly, of course they aren't pictures I've taken. They're pictures taken by the people I was with.)

Reading: Jhumpa Lahiri's The Namesake. It's, like, my biography. Only, uh, Indian.


Anonymous said...

were the pics at least taken with your camera?

Evolvingthinker said...