Saturday, January 16, 2010

They tell me...

...that setting clear, achievable goals is the key to success. I had such high hopes for the Christmas/New Year's holidays. The office was closed, so I had a good 10 days in which to do a few - just a measly few - things that would clear up a lot of mental space.

1) Do all the paperwork for setting up my pension. About time, too. I filled everything in, and then got to the last part, which is the requirement for a certified copy of my passport. Where the hell does one get a certified copy of anything? The finished paperwork has been sitting on the coffee table for two weeks now.

2) Finish knitting the last design for Fyberspates. I took this everywhere with me- up to the in-laws' for Christmas, to friends' for New Year's, and I knit knit knit, risking being rude to all around me. This has just been blocked a couple of days ago, and now I'm thinking...Hmmm...maybe I should rip back and re-do the neckline?

3) Replace buttons on the two pairs of work-appropriate trousers I have, so that I can, you know, wear them to work. This, I am proud to say, I actually did. It sat until the last day before the return to work, mind you, but I did it.

So, in light of my not even managing to achieve such small goals, I'm going to forego the traditional new year's resolutions. Last year's anti-resolutions (here and here) worked pretty well, actually. Last year's only resolution, however- knitting-related- didn't get off the ground at all. Sigh.

Friday, January 08, 2010


Happy new year! Hope you're wrapping up warm; we are.

(All pictures by The Limey on his shiny new camera.)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, my train and shuttle bus were running with no trouble, so I put in a full week's work.