Friday, August 27, 2010

Am I a grown-up now?

I'm not sure how it happened, or how we did it, but...The Limey and I bought a house!

It's a mile from the city centre, and is absolutey hideous inside and out (it was the cheapest house on the block for a reason!). But all it needs is a lick of paint and some care.

I can see we'll be spending a lot of this bank holiday weekend at Wickes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Darn It & Stitch

Stopped by Darn It & Stitch to chat with Jo yesterday and saw some of my samples on display! That's the Horseshoes Cardi and Draped Lace Shell there- they use the same horseshoes lace pattern and might make a good twin-set, now I've seen them displayed together. Hmmm...may try that since I want new photography for the cardi.

Doesn't the shop itself look great? It's crammed with colourful, pretty, useful objects, but doesn't cross the line into cluttered.

Anyway, it's always nice to see your work get attention. Jo mentioned that many people really like the Pintuck T-Shirt- it's my most popular design and something I like to wear a lot, so I'm glad at least it's being appreciated since I've given it up for display.

The upstairs is apparently open now, but had a workshop on when I stopped by, so haven't seen it yet. Look forward to it!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Must. Step. Away. From. Internet.

Instead, must:

1. Reformat patterns for printing.
2. Swatch and plan design proposals.
3. Work on Persephone sleeves.
4. Photograph test knit.
5. Plan knitting for VeryGoodFriend's baby.
6. At very least, for the love of fluffy kittens, finish a plain stockinette sleeve.

Meanwhile, calm myself with cute overload by looking at picture of colleague's baby with the Elijah I knit for him. (Lucky thing also got some booties from me a while ago.)

(I love this picture because his hands are held like Mr Burns and his eyes are kinda shifty, so the overall impression is that he's formulating some evil plan.)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Knit Nation

I spent an hour or so at the Knit Nation marketplace yesterday. (I went because a friend in London was having a barbecue that day, so, you know, since I was gonna be in town anyway...)

It was a small marketplace, but jampacked with lovely stuff. I have no pictures of it because I stupidly forgot the camera. I made a couple of rounds, and talked to Jeni of Fyberspates about printing up patterns.

I also chatted with Robynn of Purlescence, where you can now buy some of my patterns. Robynn sells the loveliest of yarns, with stuff from the ultra-luxurious end and some good value cotton and bamboo in cheerful colours hand-dyed at a South African women's collective.

I also bought some stuff. A huge hank of laceweight from Wollmeise (couldn't pass up the opportunity), which I think I'm going to try to eek a sweater out of:

And, most importantly, bamboo dpns in the correct sizes for the two projects desperately in need of them:

...And then I left and stopped by IKnit for my magazine fix! (My excuse here is that I had to go through Waterloo to get to my friend's barbecue, anyway.)