Friday, August 26, 2005

Making drama

The absolute best moment at the wedding was when the photographer walked up to a knot of us bridesmaids and asked, innocently, "Do any of you bridesmaids have significant others?" A loaded question at any gathering, as any female of marriageable age with aunts knows. At this gathering, it was even more loaded, as each bridesmaid was in her own personal relationship purgatory. Anyway, the poor hapless photographer's question was met with, like, 20 seconds of the densest silence ever. We just sort of made quiet “Uhhhhh” noises as we tried to figure out what to say. My brain went through all the possible answers: “Yes” was untrue; “No” was also strictly untrue; “Maybe” was not really an answer; “Er…it’s complicated” would have been the best answer, but that seemed like it would require further explanation, which we did not feel like giving. After a couple of awkward exchanges, the photographer slunk away to people with slightly less complicated love lives.

We laughed and laughed and laughed. It was awesome. It was so awesome, we were unable to stop laughing for a while. But maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, all this made me feel like maybe I didn’t have enough drama in my life, ‘cause it seems like it could be fun. I generally try to live without too much drama; I always thought that most people make their own lives difficult, when they could just let most things go and live more peacefully. But recently, I’ve been thinking- why the hell not stir up some shit? Why try to glide through life without making any waves? It’s just another way of making yourself invisible and lessening the influence of yourself on the world, isn’t it? But then I thought, Dang, that seems like it would take a lot more energy than sitting around and reading the newspaper.

Reading: Just finished Jon Stewart's Naked Pictures of Famous People. Man, I love Jon Stewart. Why don't they export The Daily Show to Ireland?


Anonymous said...

That really way the best moment ever. Made even more fun by the fact that one of the "yes... no... maybe... it's complicated" guys was standing right there at the time as well.

Anonymous said...

ok, TOTally feeling like not a part of the complicated love life thing over here... I mean seriously lacking in boyage and smoochies.

... and you also left out my snippy retort that actually broke the awkward silence as you and hana pondered the best way to venture to answer that questions.

I believe I said, "actually no. thanks for pointing that out." which seemed to put off the photographer enough that he skulked away eventually without offering to hook YOU TWO up with the attendees of other weddings he works, like he did me.

That's it, next time someone asks a point blank love life question in my presense, I'll let you two weasel out an "it's complicated" answer and I'll sit and laugh from my non-wave-making vantage point.


Evolvingthinker said...

What type of shit do you want to stir up?