Thursday, January 12, 2006 that a compliment?

In my book group, there had been some recent discussion about whether the men and women in the group rate books differently and like different books.

When I got into the bar yesterday, people were discussing who had chosen this month's book, and one person said that she would guess that a man had chosen the book, but if it turns out a woman had chosen it, then it'd have to have been me.

Is that a compliment? As it turns out, I had chosen it. What does that mean?


Evolvingthinker said...

What book was it?

Lien said...

It's a collection of short stories by Raymond Carver.

Evolvingthinker said...

I am reading Judy Blume. Do they think they would assume I am a guy if I suggested Judy Blume?

I don't know what that interaction with your book club means. Does it mean you are a manly feminine person?

I don't know Raymond Carver, but if I did would the women's comment make more sense?

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