Friday, April 06, 2007

Newly discovered

One of my favorite blog-type things is the newly-discovered Separated By a Common Language blog. It's written by an American linguist living in the UK. It's fascinating, and satisfies my love of geekiness AND linguistics, with culture thrown in, of course. Although I don't live in the UK, there are enough similarities between British-English and Hiberno-English that it explains a lot of the English I hear every day over here (not to mention on the TV, as we get a lot of British programming). Also, of course, it explains some of The Limey's utterances. Whenever I read it, there's always a point at which I turn to The Limey and say something like, "What do you call the piece of furniture you sit on to watch TV?" to see if he speaks the way the linguist describes or not. Also, her analysis of math vs. maths has, somewhat, settled the argument we're always having. Great reading. I love it.

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