Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Look what's finally shown up

Looks like the Home Office can find their ass with both hands, if given the help of a flashlight.

What was supposed to take- at most!- six months ended up taking well over eight months. At exactly six months they asked us for "more documentation". This wouldn't rankle so much except that before I sent off the application, I rang them up and asked specifically if I should include more information, but was told no. So, um, yeah, maybe time could be saved if, you know, they knew their own policies.

I know, I know, all immigration is like this. I fully expect to have apoplectic fits and melt-downs should we ever decide to move The Limey over to the US.

But whatever, I have my passport back, and more importantly, I have proof that I'm allowed to live here. So now I can, like, sign up for the NHS and try for a driver's license and stuff. Basically, get on with my life.

So now that I have proof of being legally in the country, I can leave it! Where should I go to celebrate?


Averil said...

Finally! I´m so happy for you that everything worked out. And how funny is it that the best way to celebrate that you can stay without anymore hassles is by leaving?! Well, if you make it to Madrid..

Sinéad said...

Congratulations, I'm delighted that finally you have been sorted.
To celebrate? Come back to Dublin for the opening of This Is Knit 2 in the Powerscourt centre!

Laura said...


I second Sinead - come back to Ireland!

(Though Paris is a very good second option...)

Nicola said...

Dublin of course!

Dr. Jen said...