Sunday, December 14, 2008

Help me out here

I'll get around to taking pictures of the yarn I bought in the US in a few days (it wasn't that much; I have the credit crunch to think about), but I do have a picture of one skein I bought that I want to work on soonest.

Yummy, no? It's a skein of Misti Alpaca Handpaint Lace, bought at Article Pract in Oakland. The colours are pretty true in this picture. Usually, I am very good at resisting most variegated yarns- I'm of the school that they look best in small projects in a plain stitch, so as to be able to show off the colours. Otherwise, it just makes highly-textured and patterned knitting just look kinda messy.

Well, here I am, then, with 800 metres of some of the softest yarn I've had the honour of getting my grubby mitts on. I bought the lace weight because I've had the insistent, nagging feeling for a while now that my next big project is going to be some fantastic lace.

Except...see above about textures and variegated yarns...

So I've been trawling through Ravelry and my books and magazines, but I thought I'd ask you guys: any ideas? Criteria: rectangular shawl/scarf pattern, only one skein of 800m of yarn, looks good in variegated yarn, in a mentally stimulating pattern. I don't mind paying for a good pattern, so anyone care to point me towards something awesome?

(For the non-knitting readers of this blog: The Limey and I went on a quick 24-hour trip to Brussels this weekend, but, uh, forgot to take the camera. I assure you all the city is beautiful. You can imagine it, right?)


Kate said...

I made Ene's Scarf is some mildly variegated yarn. Though it wasn't *that* taxing, really, after the edging was done.

Okay, scrap that because I can't read and a rectangle is clearly not a triangle. :-)

There are some beautiful patterns in Nancy Bush's new book. ;-) Quite a few rectangles and this one looks fairly not-tedious: :-)

Lien said...

I'm going to see what your other readers have to say about this one as well. I've got some varigated lace yarn which has been sitting in my craft cupboard for about 2 years because I have no idea what to do with it.

Nicola said...

I have to recommend Waves of Grain from the Fall Knitty. I've just made it as a gift and it came out beautifully. It takes about half the yardage you have, but you could make it wider and/or longer.

I quite agree about using variagated yarns in small projects, but this was perfect for my shepherd's sock Tahoe. It would be lovely in laceweight too.

Or look at other projects here: