Thursday, May 28, 2009

*contented sigh*

We've managed to move ourselves, the cat, and our stuff to Oxford, and have been here for almost a week. Other than the fact that we've been unpacking, yet still find ourselves surrounded by boxes (kinda like at the other end, where we kept packing and packing, yet the flat still looked the same), I'm pretty much loving it so far.

I'm sure I'll be sharing with you all the stuff I like about living here, in due course. But, for now, one pleasant bonus to having even a bit of outdoor space:

Stuff dries so much faster!


mooncalf said...

Such a cool house. Just a few hours after I saw you yesterday we accepted an offer on our flat - I hope to have a great house with a washing line of my own ASAP!

soknitpicky said...

Congratulations on the move and good luck as you continue to settle in :-)