Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dude, what the heck is happening?

I just found out that Stash Yarns, in Putney, is closing this month. I only managed to stop in a few times, but it was a lovely shop, and the people were always helpful. I'm sad that the choice of yarn shops in London is narrowing.

This follows closely on the heels of news that The Inside Loop will be shutting down its website in January. It hadn't been putting out new issues for a while now, but the disappearance of the website is an impossible to ignore sign of the loss. I'll have to get my Mongkok Cardigan pattern into shape and make it available elsewhere.

Right before I heard about The Inside Loop's shutdown (Kate and Diane e-mailed the designers to give us time to get our patterns off the site), I learned that Knotions has stopped producing new issues as well, although Jody is keeping the website up for now.

People, what is going on?! Has the knitting world contracted? Are there now too many resources for knitters? I know the three closures I talked about are unrelated (right?!) and they were closed down for all sorts of reasons which make sense for those involved. I have no doubt that they were the right decisions and I can only be grateful that I had a chance to work with Jody, Kate and Diane, and that I was able to shop at Stash at all.

Still, I'm a little sad.

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Liz said...

That's a real shame. I only managed to shop there a few times too but the owners were always really lovely and they had a great selection.