Friday, January 08, 2010


Happy new year! Hope you're wrapping up warm; we are.

(All pictures by The Limey on his shiny new camera.)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, my train and shuttle bus were running with no trouble, so I put in a full week's work.


Sinéad said...

What beautiful photos! I know it's lovely to look at but not so nice to be out in. Hope you're nice and warm and covered in yummy knits.

Gulrukh said...

The pictures are awesome! So beautiful. No snow for us, but Portland got it about two weeks ago.

Averil said...

So beautiful! But as Sinéad said it´s better to look at than be out in. I hope your handknits are keeping you warm. Happy New Year! and I hope it´s full of inspiration.

jacqueline said...

these are GREAT photos!!