Friday, January 07, 2011

Well into 2011...but happy new year!

The Limey and I went to Lisbon with friends for the new year's celebrations. A friend is Portuguese and was nice enough to show us around a bit. I loved the trip, mostly because I got to eat so much seafood I'm surprised I haven't grown scales. When I wasn't stuffing myself with seafood, I was gorging on cakes and coffee. These people are serious about their cakes, although I am midly disturbed by how much egg and sugar they can stuff into a pastry the size of a golfball.

The NYE fireworks were great!

Lisbon put on a great show. Fireworks were set off from the Tagus as well as from the lovely buildings surrounding the square, so we had 360-degrees of fireworks.

We'd been before, with the same friends, and I rediscovered one of the things I loved about the city then- those tiled pavements!

Aren't they just asking to be knit up with some stranded colourwork?

(All photos by The Limey.)


Sinéad said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a lovely time. Those pavements are just gorgeous, they must have taken ages to lay. I agree, they are full of inspiration for a knitting pattern. I think the light & dark grey curvy path is my favourite, but the last picture would make lovely mittens...

Anonymous said...

I love Lisbon! And you're right, it's full of knitting inspiration!