Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Hats

I'm back!

The past few months have featured precious little knitting, yet I somehow found the time to knit a series of unflattering hats. See, just when you think you have this knitting malarkey figured out, BAM! Smackdown. You know what always follows hubris...

Hat the first:

This is Bloom by Verushka Babushka, knit in Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica that I was gifted ages ago and which is a great yarn. While this looks at first glance to be a semi-decent hat, in reality, the clean and perfectly simple design of this hat is totally lost in the variegated yarn. Go have a look at this hat here, and then compare to mine- bad pattern/yarn combo, and a shameful disservice to both.

Hat the second:
This is Ysolda's Urchin. Again, with Manos del Uruguay. I wanted to try a beret shape, to see how I'd look in one. I have to say, I'm not quite there with the beret love. And, again with the bad pattern/yarn combo- this hat does look a bit too much like a mushroom for me to declare it any kind of success. I do love the pattern, though; you know me, I love short rows.

Hat the third:
My work secret Santa gave me an awesomely thoughtful gift of one ball of Rowan pure wool dk. I decided to knit Oxidize (absolutely appropriate- I am after all, a chemist, and the yarn was a gift from a chemist), also by Ysolda. The pattern gives a couple of options, slouchier, taller, wider, etc. With just the one ball of yarn, I played it safe.

Um, remind you of someone?
Yeah, once again, not-so-genius combo of yarn and pattern.

Still, I dig the pattern, and I'm thinking of doing the slouchier bi-colour version.

Next up: the absolute opposite in the knitting universe to these hats.

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Lien said...

Welcome back! I have the same problem with hats. But not so much the yarn/combo thing but because I'm yet to find a hat I look half decent in. Have you seen the American version of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. I'm really coveting the hat she wears and am thinking about making one myself.