Friday, November 11, 2005

Holy rusted metal

Now, I'm all about the Firefly- I left work early yesterday so's I could get as many episodes in as possible before going to bed. I managed eight episodes and would have finished the whole series if it wasn't for the need for an early start this morning.

However, much as I'm loving the Firefly, I have to say: Joss! What the hell were you thinking with that theme song?! It's horrific! It's so cheesy it makes triple-creme brie seem like microwaved Velveeta. Now, maybe you thought you'd just take the Western theme the whole way with the cheesy Western theme song? Is that it? Maybe you wrote it specifically to be really bad and cheeserific? That's what I'm gonna think, because surely you didn't think it was good?

Reading: Nuthin'. Knitting. Can't read and knit and watch DVDs at the same time, dammit.


Anonymous said...

Ahem. Mal's song is a beautiful theme song for Firefly, and capture's the idea and over-riding theme of the series brilliantly. Plus it's quite nice melodically. Infact, this is one of those songs I find myself humming alot of the time cause I enjoy the lyrics and melody so much.

How can you love Oliver Twist and The Sound of Music soundtracks, but dislike the Firefly theme song?!? I'm so confused.

Lien said...

Yeah, but musicals are supposed to be cheesy- they're musicals. The musical episode of Buffy, for instance, was fantastic. Everyone is, of course, entitled to her opinion, but this theme song made me wince every time I heard it (got pretty good at fast-forwarding the DVD at the beginning, though). I seriously think the only way to explain it is that, since Whedon was doing the stock Western characters and plots (hooker with the heart of gold, an outlaw who turns out to be a man of honor, train heists, etc.) that he thought he'd just go the whole way and make the theme song a stock cheesy one also.