Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Ey'up. The Limey, here.

Lien asked me to post a quick note, since we have no internet access in the new flat, yet (hopefully this'll be sorted tomorrow). I haven't started my job yet, so I have time to sit in the coffee shop and exploit their free wireless network ... although I should probably spend more time unpacking.

The move is complete, and everyone & everything is here safely, although Chloë is a little perturbed by the change of location and the fact that new stuff keeps turning up. Lien has started her new job: she was straight into the lab on her second day, and has been doing all manner of new science since (and I'm pretty sure that she's enjoying it).

With any luck, Lien will be able to post here within the next couple of days, as our cable box is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Let's see how well ParcelForce compares to Án Post.



jacqueline said...

I have no idea what that guy just said. Dang that's a thick accent!


hana said...

Good to hear from you guys! Poor Chloe, I'm sure she'll be ok before long.