Sunday, October 07, 2007

Some notes on Horseshoes Cardigan

I've had a trawl through the web and thought I'd address some of the thoughts people have had on the Horseshoes Cardigan. I've really enjoyed reading what people have to say about the pattern, so I hope this is useful (if people who want to knit the cardigan actually find this blog!).

1. Sleeves- this would look great with long sleeves. I would have put in long sleeves, except -you guessed it- I didn't have enough yarn. I wouldn't even bother putting in shaping; knit straight and block to the required trapezoid shape. Or keep the straight shape for a swingier sleeve.

2. Sizing- I realize the smallest size is a 36 inch / 91.5 cm bust measurement. This was just how the math came out. However, in the photos, I'm wearing the smallest size and my bust measurement is 34 inches / 86 cm. And there is no ease. How have I achieved this? Through the minor miracle of blocking- I simply blocked the cardigan to my size. Lace is stretchy and looks nice in a range of stretchednesses (look! I made up a word!), so it's easy to block the finished garment to a couple inches smaller or larger than the stated sizes. Just remember not to block the ribbing too much.

3. Length- It's easy to make this longer or shorter. For more length, knit more ribbing or add a few vertical repeats of the lace before you start armscye / neck shaping. For shorter, knit less ribbing..

4. I really like to use short rows for the shaping when I can. The neckline was done with short rows, so there's a nice, even straight edge, and you don't have to go over it with a crochet hook or anything. It's finished as you knit.

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