Friday, November 30, 2007

I finally made it to the Southampton knitting group! It's at the Borders in town, which is conveniently close to the train station. There were a good dozen people, and everyone was awfully nice. Also, a lot of people were wearing things they'd knit, which is nice to see. I hope I can make it regularly. Work has been so crazy I hadn't managed it before.

I worked a bit on my current (and only!) project, a plain raglan knit in the round with some Artesano Alpaca which was frogged from its previous incarnation. I'm not going to have enough yarn for the full length sleeves I wanted, though.

It was really nice to talk to people who aren't work colleagues or The Limey. Much as I like all of them, I really needed to talk to other people. This brings me to the perennial "How do I make friends" problem that has dogged me for the last few years. It isn't helped by moving around every few years.


Laura said...

What, short of yarn? Never!

Let me know when you figure out that friend-making thing - I'm scratching my head there too!

Lien said...

I really found joining a knitting group really helped.. increased my friend network by a third!!

My problem now is meeting a decent guy!! Sydney really isn't the place!

chemgrrl said...

Give people cookies. Everyone loves cookies.

Dawn said...

Hey! Glad to finally catch up with you! I'll make sure to get your email off of here so that I can get you hooked up!