Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's me, what's not

Well, we've had nearly a month in the flat now. The Limey has been at home to buy stuff, take deliveries, fix things around the place, etc., so things have been chugging along pretty well. But he starts work next Monday, so I think any more changes will be coming very slowly.

So unfortunately, it looks like these are staying:

Living room lights. Gotta love the fake distressed copper finish. And those green streaks running down the shades!

The hall lights. I think maybe they were stolen from a country hotel. The dusty picture-covered hallway of a manor house somewhere is missing its lights.

Uh...this is in the second bedroom. I'm not sure what's up with it at all. The Limey's already taken down the lightshade in the main bedroom, so I have no pictures, but it was a ball made from stringing plastic pink beads onto a round shape. It belonged in the bedroom of a little girl in her ballerina stage. A little girl with bad taste.

Old dark heavy wood curtain rods, mounted, as you can see, right up against the ceiling. Why?? Why?? Plus, that paint over the base there? The management agency actually paid somebody 1800 quid to repaint and touch up the flat, and that's what they did. I won't even show you the other crimes they have perpetrated on this poor flat.

Oh, wait, yes I will.

Yes, sickly mint green plastic. Lovely. Oh, that streaky paint over the top there? Yeah, great painting job, guys.

Those are some of the things we haven't fixed yet. A couple of things that we have done:

The Limey bought this on e-Bay. It is totally over the top, doesn't match anything we have, and has a tear on one of the arms. But it is awesome. Absolutely awesome. Who doesn't love a red velvet couch?! It's really comfy, too. I can sit sideways on it, knitting, with my back against the arm, and put my feet up or on The Limey's lap.

Now the best thing:

Ah, you think I've finally lost it. No, what I would draw your attention to is the tap. Do you see? A tap. One tap. A mixer tap. For reasons which I cannot fathom, the peoples of these here islands like to pretend that mixer taps don't exist. Possibly they are masochists who like alternately freezing and burning themselves. I live with it in the bathrooms. But when we moved in here, there were separate taps in the kitchen. So if you wanted to wash something and:
a) actually want to get it clean, but
b) don't particularly want all the skin on your hands burned off,
then you have to fill up the whole sink. Oh, you only wanted to wash a couple of bowls? Tough.

Not only that, but the taps they had put on there barely reached over the side of the sink, so that we could hardly fit the kettle under there to fill it, never mind fit bowls and plates and cutting boards under them to rinse.

I told The Limey his people were backasswards looney and demanded a mixer tap. So the poor thing drove around the greater Guildford area looking for a mixer tap that didn't cost 200 pounds. Then he spent a couple hours grunting and cursing under the sink. But now, behold, the mighty mixer tap!

Stay tuned for how the hell we will manage when both of us work and the cat goes crazy. Crazier.


Avrienne said...

I adore the couch. Something that distinctive doesn't even need to match the rest of your stuff!

Lien said...

Oh my goodness! I think we have more in common than you think. The red couch is sooo ME!!

Yvonne said...

I feel your pain about the mixer taps. I've got DH converted not only to the way of the mixer, but to levered mixer taps. I was in a brand new holiday home thing recently, and they still had seperate taps... why???

And, the couch looks beautiful!

hana said...

This post is so funny. That's a lovely couch! I especially like that style of couch because it's not attractive to kitties who like to scratch furniture.

Those light fixtures are pretty hideous. I wish I could have seen the plastic beaded pink thing. I have to say that the last light fixture you showed is actually decent in my opinion. But the paint job! Horrid. There's just no excuse for that. Also, I had no idea about the tap situation over there. I'm glad the Limey was able to fix that up for you.

jacqueline said...

ah yes! the separate taps for the two extremes of temperature! I keep forgetting that "charm" of visiting Europe.

I'm glad you're getting the hideousness sorted out slowly though!

good job.

Worsted Knitt said...

Oh, lordy, and I thought Ireland / my place was bad! At least we've got that curtain thing ca 10 cm from the roof...