Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Next decision

The summer lace cardigan (honestly, I tried to think of a better name) is going along swimmingly. I've got the fronts and back all knit and blocked.

I eventually chose the deep V-neck option. I think it will look pretty good.

Now, the next question is: what kind of sleeve do I want? I have a couple of options, with some sub-options.

Option A, the more exciting option, aka the one I would prefer to knit:

This is an elbow-length sleeve knit in the lace pattern used in the body of the cardigan. A wide border in the border lace pattern is knit in larger gauge and falls over the elbow. I would leave the inside of this border un-seamed, so that it can be ruffly and fluttery.

Option B, the safe, practical option, aka the one I would prefer to wear:

A fairly plain long sleeve, ending at the wrist, in the lace pattern used on the body of the cardigan. There is a possibility to add a bit of interest: for instance, have a smaller, ruffly border like the first option, but extending a bit over the wrist; or, without lengthening the sleeve, put in a small border in the border lace pattern, so that the sleeves look just like the body of the cardigan.

Let me be perfectly honest- I do not wear fluttery sleeves, and they would probably get on my nerves. I'd put a jacket over it, and get all annoyed that the ruffly bit is wadding up at my elbow. I'd reach over the table for the salt, and drag the ruffle into the ramen broth.

But, to also be perfectly honest- this cardigan cries out for Option A. Option A gives it a true summery, skipping-along-garden-lanes, running-through-fields-of-wildflowers feeling. Option B feels like the mother of the skipping-running summer sprite, hanging back waiting for the imminent skinned knee.

If I were knitting this for anyone else, or writing it as a pattern, no question I'd go for Option A. But I think, in the interests of actually wearing the finished object, and not wasting this beautiful Habu silk, I should probably knit Option B.

Oooh, is this what it feels like to be an adult?


a simple yarn said...

Was this a rhetorical post? Surely there must be a 'third way' that is exciting and yet one you will wear, like perhaps doing the sleeves in the same pattern as the bottom border for interest but not making the sleeves so flouncy that you wouldn't wear 'em.

Can't wait to see the result and quite envious that you're doing a fair bit of knitting, said I from the knitting wasteland.

Walden said...

Couldn't you make the ruffle version, but just not make the ruffle so poofy or long? This would give some symmetry and make it more like something you might wear.

Ger said...

It looks beautiful Lien. If you have enough yarn, how about option A with ruffles, only make the sleeves full length so that the ruffle could come below the sleeve of a jacket if you need to wear one.Perhaps the ruffles could be a bit shorter.

ginny said...

Oooh I really liked your Option A. Sorry to be coming to the party so late, but came here today in response to your comment (thanks btw) and I just wanted to put my two cents in. I actually like both of your options, but there was just something so fun and flirty about the first one. In either case it's going to be a great sweater and I can't wait to see it when you finish!

And, yes I had to chuckle about the Garnstudio pattern names - I still can't remember the name of mine without looking it up!

Michele said...

That's going to be a beautiful FO...can't wait to see it!

Claudia said...

If you haven't decided yet, I would go for Option A, because I hate the the way long sleeve sweaters (especially stretchy lace ones) stretch out and then droop at the elbow. This bugs me much more than bunching up under a jacket.

either way, though, it's going to be a lovely, lovely little thing.