Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Knitting! (Not mine.)

Since I have no knitting of my own to show you, I'm going to show you other people's knitting. Bwahaha!

I've been delighted with the response to my Pintuck T-shirt pattern. People are actually knitting it! Who'd a thought? I found some people's projects through Ravelry, and my, are there some talented knitters. Here, then, a mini FO gallery. (All pics from the knitters themselves.)

Alexandra's tee, knit for her daughter. In the original blue I chose for my t-shirt, so of course I think she's got great taste!

Amy's tee, knit in SWTC Bamboo. What a great knitting job. The FO looks fantastic. Srsly, if my stockinette ever looks as good as hers, I'll die happy.

Lauren's Pintuck tank, knit in Schulana Sojabama. She knit this for the Project Spectrum Air category. But maybe it should have been put under Fire, 'cause how smokin' hot does she look in her tank?

Susan's Pintuck tee with proper sleeves. This is such a gorgeous knit, and she put so much thought and work into the modifications that it's nearly unrecognizable from my pattern. I love the lace she chose for the bib portion, and love that she went ahead and figured out the actual sleeves for it. Also, I may have to go buy some orange yarn now.

These are just some of the finished objects on Ravelry. If you've knit this, or know someone who has, let me know! I love to see what people have done with the pattern, and I'll keep putting up FO shots.


Woolly Stuff said...

looking at these beautiful FOs is making me seriously consider moving this pattern up to the top of my queue (do you like how Ravelry-speak is invading my non-Ravelry comments??). Your original is beautiful, but it's nice to see the variety & variations!

Lolly said...

such a wonderful pattern, Lien! many thanks for making it available. i love mine!

Luni said...

Thanks, Lien! I'm so happy I found your pattern. It was perfect for that bamboo yarn I had in my stash.

WorstedKnitt said...

They're really beautiful - it's always a wonder how one design can become so many, different, beautiful things!

jacqueline said...

this was a cool blog lien!