Monday, October 27, 2008


Back from Crete (schmoozing is tiring work!) where I had only a few minutes a day to check the internet, so it was great to come back to find that Jody has put up the Knotions Winter '08 preview. And hey, lookit this:

Remember that terrible wait for yarn? Well, it was because I had to quite hastily knit the Tailored Tweed Dress up. If I do say so myself, it was worth the wait. It knit up beautifully and is exactly how I envisioned the dress looking.

The Winter issue of Knotions comes out on Nov. 3. I'll be stalking the site.

(Oh, and before I alarm those who may know me: No, I have not magically turned into a hot Frenchwoman. I roped Audrey, our esteemed Lab Manager, into modelling the dress. Damn those perfectly-proportioned Frenchwomen!)

(Also, Ravelry says there are three projects for this pattern already. How?)


a simple yarn said...

Big congratulations, Lien! What's more amazing is that it's in 40 queues already as well! Wow!

soknitpicky said...

Oooh, can't wait to see the whole thing! Thanks for the heads up re: the new issue coming up. It'll be like Christmas--first the Knotions issue, then the election much excitement! :-) Congratulations!

jacqueline said...

I think I only understood about 75% of this blog, but I'm going to be happy for you anyway, and say wow: that top is stunning on the french woman I don't know.... yeah.

Dawn said...

Looks great. Glad you had a great time too!!! Hope to see you next week.

Woolly Stuff said...

This dress looks lovely - wonder what the bottom half looks like - I like the reverse v of ribbing. Is it tomorrow yet? I want to check out Knotions!