Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This blog has been less than exciting lately, no?

Few pictures, no pictures of knitting, haven't done much of bloggable interest. Or even non-bloggable interest.

But I have a friend visiting this weekend, so maybe I'll get pictures of some of the things I love to do around London. I must remember to take my camera around with us. Although, he's an amateur photographer, so maybe I'll just rely on him.

What should I try for pictures of? Places I like to eat at? Yarn shops? London street scenes?


a simple yarn said...

Oooh, any pics of Liberty of London! Do they still have their haberdashery dept or did they scuttle it?

Dr. Jen said...

When I was in NYC, I should have done a food spread of all of the places I ate.

Woolly Stuff said...

I think just be open to what's around you: anyone can take pics of London - to be interesting it has to be the particular details that catch your eye. In my opinion.