Friday, February 06, 2009

Watch out on the roads!

But not because of the snow, oh no, because of this:

I figured, what better way to spend some of the redundancy money and make use of my free time, eh?

Also, because I no longer wish to be limited to a "good" train line when I find my next job (this is, after all, what leads to having to live in horrible commuter towns), this will widen the geographical area in which I can look for jobs.

I've just had my first proper lesson and it went quite well. The instructor said I was very good at starting up and changing gears (maybe some of those friends' lessons did help!) and he was pleasantly surprised that I had no problems with driving on the left side of the road. I told him three years in Ireland and a year here has conditioned me to thinking that cars go on the left.

I'm not so good at the stopping, mind you, but then I do come from the land of the California roll.


Kate said...

Good luck with the lessons. :-) I've never learnt to drive - had lessons about ten years ago but got nowhere. I think I'm destined to use public transport!

Caitriona said...

Good luck with that! I've just started to learn too ... ten years after I started to learn the first time. It will be so great to have a full licence!

Dawn said...

Good for you!!! I've still not sucked up and tried to drive a stick shift....I hate them! So far only we shall see if we ever change the car to a manual.

Woolly Stuff said...

I often have an argument with Rog about how I'm a bad driver because one time I was driving in NYC, and as I was driving, completely in my lane, the driver to my left swerved into my lane and complete side-swiped me. I never understand how I'm the bad driver in that equation. I mean, I sort of understand: since there are bad drivers in the world, as a driver you have to foresee how they might impact you (quite literally) and be aware of them and avoid them. I hate driving.