Thursday, March 19, 2009

I need a kick in the ass

I started knitting a sweater ages ago. Okay, since mid-January. It's taking forever. I'm on the first sleeve. I've been on the first sleeve for, oh, a month.

The lace pattern, though pretty as all get out, is a royal pain in the ass to knit and hard to memorize, so I have to sit there with the chart in front of me. As for decreasing and increasing in pattern? Hahahaha! I have to count stitches, move markers, jiggle a decrease here so I can do a double increase there...ugh.

It's a design I was originally going to write up, before I decided it would be a nightmare to do so. I still wanted the sweater, though, so I started to knit one for me. Also, I want to make sure the whole concept works when I get around to maybe designing an easier version to turn into a pattern.

I really want some mindless knitting for sitting in the car, or waiting rooms, and other stuff (have some yarn for The Limey's next pair of socks) but I'm deathly afraid that if I have something else to work on, I may never get back to this sleeve.

As an aside, I don't suppose anyone knows of a LYS or something around London who needs some help? Or some sort of yarny business or gathering or whatever who may want a hand? I've got the sciencey work experience thingy going three days a week, which is great, but I'm kind of itching to meet more yarny/fibre-y people and get more involved in stuff happening in the area. I'd love to help organize a knittery gathering, for example. I don't even care about getting paid.


Lien said...

Have you considered running workshops? Maybe one on design or something? You can probably charge for it or exchange for yarn or something like that!

mooncalf said...

You're eaten at the RR Diner??? The place pies go when they die!!! I am really rather jealous but I'll try not to hate you :)

Woolly Stuff said...

Ditto what the first comment says - workshops are a good idea! I especially like the idea of a design workshop. I'm interested in knowing where the ideas come from? What's the process of an idea becoming reality? I don't know if that's actually workshop-able, now that I think about it, but it's what I'm always interested in, no matter what the "thing" - be it art, knitting, books, inventions. Basically, WHY?

Jennifer said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Check my blog. I just stumbled onto your blog recently - I love it!