Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who thought this was a good idea?

A few months ago, we planned a long weekend for a friend's 30th birthday. She wanted to go away and do something fun to forget about the big 3-0 instead of sitting around London stewing about it.

We planned a hiking/camping trip to Cornwall and Devon. None of us had ever been, or, if one of us had, like The Limey, it was ages ago when he was a kid. We'd heard great things about the West Country, and, in this day and age, a little road trip close to home sounded so much better than jetting off to a foreign beach somewhere. Who needs the carbon footprint, eh? Spend locally and all that. Also, cream teas!

The weekend has arrived for us, and, as we prepare to load gear into the car in the lashing rain, all I have to say is: Who the hell thought a camping trip in March in Britain would be a good idea?!


Yvonne said...

I will try not to laugh hysterically while I wish you good luck!

Mairead said...

I'm sure there are some delightful guesthouses in that part of the world. Just sayin'

Woolly Stuff said...

Ugh, well, at least it will make you appreciate being back home!