Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want to knit a dress

I know, I've already knit a dress, but now I want a summer one. Yes, by the time I finish, it won't be summer anymore, but since I've got a couple of projects that have to be done before I even start on anything else, I'm hoping to just sneak it in to next summer.

I've been mulling over a summer dress in my head for a while now, and I have some things figured out:

  • it will be knee-length or just above
  • it will be knit in linen or some other summer-appropriate, non-stretchy yarn (boo to cotton, silk or bamboo)
  • it will have short or no sleeves
  • it will be mostly stockinette
  • the skirt will be fuller than A-line
The only problem? I have no idea how the top half of this dress is going to look. I want it to be flattering on me, obviously (no waist, little Buddha belly). It will need some sort of waist and boob treatment so I don't just look like a stuffed sausage.

I'm trying to figure out what kind of shape/detailing would look good. The problem is I haven't been around the shops in ages, so am drawing a blank on the different styles. Any suggestions? Any suggestions on yarn that won't cost a fortune? I need to buy a whole dress' worth!


mooncalf said...

it sounds a bit like this one

Sinéad said...

Wish I had a suggestion for you, but unfortunately I don't, except to say that with your knitting skillz I know you'll come up with something fab!

My Handmades said...

look at arris beaded dress from sensual knits.

Woolly Stuff said...

Maybe cap sleeves / A-line?

soknitpicky said...

Funny you should post this, because I've seen a lot of cute little dresses with a bibbed yoke. I was thinking of converting your pintuck Tshirt into a dress by doing something along the waist and adding an A-line skirt