Thursday, June 25, 2009

A spot of travel

The Limey has to be in Munich for work next week, and since we've only seen each other for a total of two days in the last month, I'm gonna tag along. The only place in Germany I've ever been is Berlin, which I loved, so I'm excited about wandering around Munich. We'll be there for five days. I think I may have to hang around with The Limey and his work people in the evenings, but I will have the days to myself.

Anybody been to Munich? Or live there? What should I see? I will get a guidebook, but it's always nice to hear people's experiences. Oooh, and restaurant recommendations, please. All I do nowadays when I travel is look for yarn shops and restaurants!


LilKnitter said...

I know that Yorkie and her lads live just outside Munich. That's all I've got!

Anonymous said...

Hi,new commenter here, from Berlin. I visited Munich a month ago and missed the opening of the new Wollmeise shop, less than an hour from Munich by train:
you'll find more recommendations(and beautiful pictures) on this blog
and this one
Have fun!


Anonymous said...

oops this is the other blog

Liz said...

Hope your trip was fantastic. I'm eager to see if you managed to score any Wollemeise.