Monday, March 01, 2010


So I knitknitknit all last night, with the men's hockey gold medal game on.

(Yay Canadians, by the way! I figure it was best if they won, 'cause they wanted it so badly, and 'cause I figure it would make the most people happy. Like, how many Canadians are there? 30-ish million? So 30 million people would be happy if Canada won, whereas, if the US won, only the 58 Americans who care about hockey will be happy. No contest.)

Anyway, so I'm on the couch, knitting wildly, pushing the cat away from my lap, only getting up to re-caffeinate myself. I knew there was no way I was going to get the whole cardigan done, but I figure if I just get the body done, I'd consider it an Olympian enough task.

The good news: I got it done! Even seamed the shoulders! Looks awesome!

The bad news: I want it slightly bigger. Oh, it'll block a bit bigger, and the button bands will add another inch or so. But with all that, it will only really fit well if I wear nothing or a very thin/tight camisole under it. I wanted a cardigan I could wear over t-shirts and dresses in the summer.

As the hockey frenzy went into overtime, there was also a clashing debate on my couch as I argued with myself over whether this was good enough. In the end, I decided the yarn is too delicious to be something I'm not entirely happy with. So, yes, into the frog pond.

I'll probably re-knit it using larger needles. This should work, as my gauge is slightly tight, anyway. (How's that as a kick in the arse from the gauge fairies? I frickin' wrote the pattern, everything's calculated from my gauge, on this exact yarn! And yet, somehow, I'm not getting gauge! Bafflement.)


soknitpicky said...

Oh no. Sorry :-(. But it sounds like the right decision to get something you'll really love and wear.

Sinéad said...

Oh dear, poor you. At least you did the right thing and frogged it back. I probably would have just stuck it in a press and hoped it would go away.

alltangledup said...

so sorry about the frogging. It is for the best though otherwise you'll always be unhappy about it.

I was one of the 58... but I'm not too fussed, since I'm a borderline canadian too.