Monday, May 03, 2010

Different. Better?

As you may have noticed, I've changed the look of the blog slightly. This is all part of a revamp and launch of the website The Limey built for me. (It was his Christmas/birthday present to me this year!) Please visit and let me know what you think! There will be more and more content put up over the next few weeks, and you can get to this blog from there, although it will stay here on blogspot as well. If you link to me from your website, please link to the new one. You can always get to the website by clicking on the logo at the left here.

Right, on with the knitting. I actually have an FO!

My very own Arachne Cardigan. I seriously loved the sample I knit for Jeni so much I bought more yarn for my own right away. And it's gorgeous yarn, so it was a joy to work with it again.

This was supposedly my Ravelympics project, but the gauge gods intervened, but it's finally finished!

Thanks to Liz for reminding me that Mason's was, if not on my doorstep, then on a neighbouring doorstep. I went on Saturday and bought a bunch of buttons. I ended up using these thin, slightly un-flat shell buttons.

Now, I won't make the mistake Arachne did, and claim divine-like perfection. For starters, the sleeves are slighly longer than ideal (that's what I get for following my own pattern for "standard" sizing) and the buttonhole band could have been knit tighter. But, dudes, I love this cardigan. It fits perfectly (I'm so glad I frogged and re-knit), it's soft and lightweight and airy yet warm and summery. I wore it over jeans to a birthday party in London yesterday, but I'm already planning on wearing it with dresses to work. I really think this is going to be my workhorse cardigan for the next two seasons- better than the plain black store-bought affairs that I've been wearing forever.


debeh said...

Lien, this looks AMAZING. I love your website and all of your designs!

Lien said...

Looks great - I tried to buy the Circe Vest but the cart thingy isn't working!

By the way, it's been great following your blog from when you started knitting to actually designing!! Great work!

Sinéad said...

The new blog looks great, really clear and crisp and easy to navigate.
Onto the knitting, the cardigan looks absolutely gorgeous on you. The colour really suits you and the fit was worth the trouble. I can see why you want to wear it all the time!

Averil said...

I agree with Sinéad, the website is really clear and easy to navigate. No clutter! Looks great!

I love the cardigan. The colour really suits you (I just saw that Sinéad wrote that aswell.. maybe I should just stop typing and say, "What Sinéad said!")

John said...

Beautiful work! Is it harder than weaving carbon nanotubes?

christinethecurious said...

It's a lovely blog, I saw your post on Ravelry about it.

My only quibble is that I can't find the RSS feed - it's probably somewhere obvious right?

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