Sunday, May 09, 2010

This is what happens when you marry a physicist

The Limey figuring out whether we should buy a place/how much we can borrow/how much mortgage is necessary...

...whereas I said, Can't we just talk to the bank?

(He's written the calculations on Igor Pro, if that's the kind of thing that floats your boat.)


Lien said...

Hey funny! My boyfriend has a spreadsheet with all the repayment amounts forecasted for increasing interest rates and how they will affect repayments.

If only Sydney house prices weren't so ridiculous!!

Sinéad said...

It seems this is typical male behaviour, not just confined to physicists. My husband did the very same (several times) and even has the repayments worked out, along with how much we are saving daily (DAILY!) by overpaying.
All men are nerds.

mooncalf said...

I think it is always worth having a feeling for what you agree to be reasonable before you ask the bank.

I have done these calculations myself and the bank has a very very different idea of what is reasonable to the level of debt and repayment that MrMooncalf and I felt comfortable with.

Their attitude to risk might also differ wildly from your own. Me, I am super-timid in the face of financial risk - the bank, funnily enough, seem a bit more cavalier :)

Liz said...

Wait till he gets onto planning where the furniture should go in your new place!

soknitpicky said...

LOL! Looks like something my husband would do, except on Mathematica