Monday, July 26, 2010

The longer I knit...

...the pickier I get.

I'm trying various sleeves on Persephone.

This is my top town seamless set-in version, which is the first time I've tried this method. I love it (I just love picking up stitches). But it may not work here for various other reasons. But the main thing is, I tried to do this with magic loop. HATE it. Tried it, as you see here, with two circulars. HATE it. If possible, it's even fiddler than the single loop. Don't get me wrong- it's certainly effective- you get a small circumference tube, but it makes the knitting no longer enjoyable for me. I can think of few things more soothing and happy-making for me than rounds and rounds of plain stockinette, but using magic loop or two circulars takes all the joy out of it. The fiddliness frustrates me and, as a result maybe?, my tension is awful. Completely all over the place. Ick. I have no dpns of appropriate size, so it's sitting there until I can buy some next weekend at Knit Nation.

Even when I do have dpns in the right size...

...apparently they are not of the correct material. These alumin(i)um dpns are squeaky and unpleasant to hold. Plus, they are heavy compared to this fairy-hair thin yarn, so they pull at the knitting and again, my tension is all over the place. And, they are too long for this particular project and the heaviness pulls them down and the points stick in everywhere. This project, also, is sitting around in a drawer until I can get proper wooden or bamboo dpns this weekend.

It seems like I should be getting better work out of my tools as I knit more, but it seems I am just turning more intolerant over any teeny drawbacks or imperfections.


Lien said...

The magic loop only works for me on the Knit Picks circulars. I think it's because the cord is nice and bendy. The KP DPNs are also very smooth too. Give those a go?

soknitpicky said...

You're just honing your craft!

Personally, I prefer magic loop to dpn's, but to each her own. Honestly, sometimes it's just easier to knit flat and then seam up.

Sinéad said...

I'm a dpn gal, all the way. I find it much easier to use that ML.
And there's nothing worse than not liking the method or tools you're working with. Personally I'm madly in love with my Knit Picks wooden dpns. No sticking or squeaking! Although I have heard rumours that Signature needles will be at Knit Nation. Must resist!

Averil said...

Just catching up on your blog. I've been away most of the summer.

I'm not a magic loop person either but.. last night I CO on for a toddler hat, knitting in the round on two needles, but only one set of tips!! So I've basically got to change the tips from one needle to the other every half row! PAINFUL.