Sunday, August 01, 2010

Knit Nation

I spent an hour or so at the Knit Nation marketplace yesterday. (I went because a friend in London was having a barbecue that day, so, you know, since I was gonna be in town anyway...)

It was a small marketplace, but jampacked with lovely stuff. I have no pictures of it because I stupidly forgot the camera. I made a couple of rounds, and talked to Jeni of Fyberspates about printing up patterns.

I also chatted with Robynn of Purlescence, where you can now buy some of my patterns. Robynn sells the loveliest of yarns, with stuff from the ultra-luxurious end and some good value cotton and bamboo in cheerful colours hand-dyed at a South African women's collective.

I also bought some stuff. A huge hank of laceweight from Wollmeise (couldn't pass up the opportunity), which I think I'm going to try to eek a sweater out of:

And, most importantly, bamboo dpns in the correct sizes for the two projects desperately in need of them:

...And then I left and stopped by IKnit for my magazine fix! (My excuse here is that I had to go through Waterloo to get to my friend's barbecue, anyway.)


mooncalf said...

Who needs an excuse to stock up on knitting treats?

That laceweight is beautiful - looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

Sinéad said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Knit Nation. A shame I couldn't meet up with you. Love the colour of your laceweight, isn't it gorgeous stuff?