Friday, October 29, 2010

Look what landed on my doorstep

A long time in coming, this is Debbie Stoller's latest book in her Stitch 'N Bitch series. This one is packed full of instructions and information about how to further your knitting skills. She talks about cables and lace, about how to design different sleeves, about how to knit something that fits. Basically, as the subtitle says, to go beyond the basics. Way beyond the basics.

And one of those 41 original patterns?
Yep, a lace version of my Pintuck Tee.

I got into knitting around the time the first Stitch 'N Bitch book was published and I taught myself a lot from it, with the help of my first SnB group in Seattle. In addition, I consider that a large part of what makes me me today is that I read Sassy and Bust instead of Tiger Beat and Cosmo during my formative years, so you can imagine the schoolgirl squeeing that ensued when I got an e-mail from Debbie saying she liked my Pintuck Tee and asking if I would contribute something based on it.

Nip/Tuck is knit in Rowan Bamboo Soft, like the original (such a great yarn) but in more dramatic black. I'm really excited about being included in this book and the rest of the patterns are great. My eye was especially caught by a pullover knit in the twisted lace made famous by the Pomatomus socks. I've always thought it would be a great pattern for a top and had thought about designing something, but now it's done for me!

Now, I'm off to read the book more thoroughly.


Lien said...

Oh congratulations! Ages ago when I first started reading your blog, I went back to your older entries and was reading about this one of your first sweaters. How far you've come!!

Liz said...

Squee indeed! Can you bring the book along to knitting if you're there next week. I'd love to see the pattern in person.

mooncalf said...

How cool! S'n'B was how I first learned to knit.


Worsted Knitt said...

Congrats! The lace version is really pretty. Stitch n Bitch was also my second book to learn knitting from and I still reference it for kitchener stitch!