Thursday, October 07, 2010

Some work...

...unrelated to moving house has been done.

Meet Daphne. (Here modeled by Liz and Ellen- aren't they cute? Photographed by The Limey.)

Basically a curved piece of garter-based lace, Daphne is my answer to shawls that just don't sit right and aren't long enough to be worn securely. Plus, I realized that, the way I wear my shawls, all that gorgeous, difficult-to-knit, wondrous-to-look-at lace got all scrunched up and just wasn't shown to their advantage.

Thus, Daphne - meant to be worn like a scarf, with the Victorian cockleshell lace fully on display.

The scarf/shawl is crescent shaped using short rows and is knit from end to end.

I've gone to some pains to make this scarf very adjustible and versatile.
  • I've written it in a modular way, so you can do more or fewer of some sections, making Daphne skinnier or wider, straighter or more curved, longer or shorter.
  • The modular technique also means you can knit this in almost any weight of yarn. Using lace weight? Simply do more repeats of certain sections. Using Aran weight? Making it longer but not wider by doing more repeats of the centre section.
  • I've also thrown in one last option: you can omit the faggoting lace between the plain garter section and the cockleshell border.

In these pictures, Liz wears a purple Daphne knit in Fyberspates' Scrumptious 4-ply, without the faggoting lace. Ellen wears a green Daphne knit in The Thylacine's Zeehan, and includes the faggoting lace.

Jenny from Bluestockings also test-knit the pattern in The Thylacine's Heemskirk, a sock yarn.

Pattern now available on Ravelry or better yet, buy from my website.


Averil said...

Ooh pretty! And I have to agree re the knitting a lace shawl only to wear it as a scarf and have the lace all scrunched up..

On the home front, things always move slowly when you make a big move like that. Just remember to come up for air occasionally and set aside some time for you to knit, meet friends etc.

Congratulations again on the house and for designing such a lovely pattern.

tinebeest said...

Pretty! Must check if I have something in stash to knit into this. I'm sure I do, you have provided so many options to customise it.

Lovely pictures too, and gorgeous models. Where did you find them? :-)