Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas, innit?

I spent Christmas with The Limey's family up in the midlands. A few observations from my first Proper English Christmas.

1) These people drink a lot.

2) Despite dire predictions from The Limey, it is perfectly possible to have a vegetarian Christmas dinner. His mom made a special effort. Can you even tell the difference?

I think you can just barely see a some turkey peeking out in the bottom picture. There are some bacon-wrapped sausages buried in there, as well.

3) I understood about 30% of what his uncle said. I don't know if this is because he was drunk before he arrived, or because of his accent. I'm voting a combination of both.

4) Remember point #1? The dessert (pudding for the UKians) was not spared.

The thing was drenched in alcohol, set alight, and then served swimming in rum sauce, into which more rum was added at the table.

5) The Limey's grandmother told me stories about her husband and family going down to work in the mines. In mines! I guess that sort of thing doesn't just happen in the movies.


Erin said...

My grandmother's parents were English, and he worked in a coal mine, too. I think he even died of some kind of crud exacerbated by the mine work. It's crazy to think, that wasn't even that long ago, but I couldn't feel further from the mining world in my own life, today.

Dr. Jen said...

Guess what I ate for Christmas. Bread budding drenched in brandy and set a fire too... funny huh? that in Togo I would be eating an English dessert.

Happy Holidays!

jacqueline said...

Well, I've been told my surname is both English and literally means "one who pits." (I know you never would have figured that one out! heh)

My paternal line comes from some mining white dude in England.

So yeah. Mining. England. I can believe it.