Monday, December 10, 2007

One down, one to go

Well, that's one problem solved, anyway. I gave up on the yellow raglan. It just wasn't going to work out, and I was unhappy with the fit. I didn't even bother frogging it. I un-did the neck bind-off and am knitting the new project right off the old project.

It's the Gathered Pullover, by Hana Jason for Interweave Knits Winter '07. In this picture, I'm just a few rows past the centre of the cable detail. For some reason, on the centre row, the instructions have you decrease a certain number of stitches on either side of the cable, then increase the same number on the next row. I have no clue why. Maybe because this bit goes right over the fullest part of the boobs, and the decrease/increase rows keep it from stretching too much? That's the only explanation I can think of, and I'm not sure it's a valid argument.

Unfortunately, I'd made a mistake with the decrease/increase rows:

I didn't knit through the back loop on those increases, so there are holes. Aaargh. I dropped each of the increase stitches and picked them back up. It's sort of helped.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes, and knocking on all wood I pass that I have enough yarn for this. I'm using the correct yarn weight, but it's knit much looser for drape. Even though I don't have as much yardage as the pattern calls for, I think I may just manage this. Even if I don't, this will look much better with short sleeves than the raglan would have.

Still need Secret Santa ideas, though. A note's gone 'round saying the gift has to be cheeky, rude or useless. Grrr.


hana said...

Secret Santa: I was on the receiving end of a collection of horrible books one time. They were selected for their awfulness, it wasn't like the giver just had bad taste. I found that pretty amusing. They were all second hand from the thrift store or something. One was about bass fishing written in the 70s, one was erotic short stories about spanking written from a psychological perspective (I know: what??), and one was about Laura Bush: The Perfect Wife. *shudder*

Laura said...

An edible g-string. Honestly, it fits all categories and is hideous to boot!

If only my work let me give gifts like that (sighs).

Teaandcakes said...

ok, so it's neither cheeky, rude, or useless, but how about Sara's coffee cup cosies: - cute and useful, as it's for the bosses wife (which does kinda rule out the rude option), but not a necessity and not something obviously useful, so fills the criteria.

Otherwise there should be a paperchase or urban outfitters or somewhere similar around - they always have cheeky, rude AND useless gifts, like toy reindeers that poo out chocolates and the like.

jacqueline said...

ok, cheeky, and along the line of used books, what about a couple second hand self-help books? oooooooooooooo

Heidirific said...

This weekend, John found a book that has been republished from about 1913. There were two of them, one about what a wife shouldn't do and one what a husband shouldn't do. They are kind of funny. Definately useless and a bit cheeky depending on which you get her. I agree that urban outfitters is good for gifts like you need, though.

Oh, and good luck on the jumper.