Saturday, February 16, 2008

Still dragging out the Christmas knits...

Hopefully after this month, I will have more new knitting to show you. Work is absolutely crazy. The final report on the first phase of my project is due at the end of the month. This will pretty much determine whether the customer will renew the project and continue with phase two or not. If they don't renew, that's a lot of money we won't get. More importantly, it'll mean the loss of a big and influential client. This particular bit of work stress is very, very different from academia.

Anyway, onto the knitting. More Librarian Stockings!

Librarian Stockings, aka Anna Socks
Yarn: Patons Diploma Gold 4-ply, in grey, all of two skeins
Needles: 2.0mm dpns, 2.5mm dpns, 3.0mm dpns
Pattern: Anna Socks from Rowan 40

Notes: A (librarian) friend of mine saw the Anna socks I made my (librarian) sister last year and really liked them. So I knit her a pair for Christmas. (It turns out I know a lot of librarians. I take this as proof that I am living my life correctly.)

Some modifications: Basically, once again, I used the lace pattern on the Anna socks, but pretty much ignored everything else. I knit these toe-up, with a figure 8 cast on and short row heel. Again, I used the smallest size needles for the foot and ankle, changing to the medium ones for the shin and largest for the widest part of the calf. I also knit a few extra rounds on this pair, since the recipient is a few inches taller than my sister. From the picture, it also looks like her gams are more voluptuous than my sister's, so I could even have used larger needles on the calves. As I had done last time as well, I threaded elastic through the ribbing at the top, instead of using the ribbon called for in the pattern. Really helped them stay on when I tested it. Hard to say if they last well throughout a day of wearing, as I gave both pairs away!

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Lien said...

You can add another person to the list of librarians you know!! ME!! Although I haven't actually worked as one, I'm qualified and have trained librarians in the past!! I'm still sort of in the field though.