Thursday, March 15, 2007

A few things

Three projects in various stages today.

Finished: Lace socks officially done. After looking through Hickey's and the Dublin Woollen Mills, I found a spool of gray elastic sewing thread. I wove this through the ribbing on the lace socks, and it works perfectly! Stays up like a dream, but without cutting off circulation, either. And the thread is easy to work with and easy enough to lace through the ribbing without showing on the outside (as you can see...or not...on the sock on the right there).

Finishing: Scoop neck top. I've just got the one armhole to finish the ribbing on. I've already picked up the stitches there. I'm in total denial about this, though. See that little tangle of yarn there at the right? That's all the yarn I have left. This won't be enough for the four rounds of ribbing and binding off. I know this. In fact, I knew this while I was doing the ribbing for the first armhole. But did I stop? Did I get more yarn, or rethink the design? No. I went on anyway, knowing full well that I won't have enough yarn, and that I will have to rip out most of the ribbing I've already done...and continue to do.

See, if I have to buy another ball of yarn anyway, I may just put in those little cap sleeves that were in my original design, and also make the armscye a little longer- it's a bit snug at the moment. So I'm going to have to rip out all the ribbing. But for some reason, even after I figured this out, I refused to stop, and in fact, continued to add more ribbing. Sigh. I think basically what will happen is, my brain will refuse to see the truth here until I actually run out of yarn at around the second row of ribbing.

Starting: Basic ribbed socks, for my father. I figure if I'm going to pay the postage to send off my sister's socks, I may as well add in another pair. It's from some Lang Jawoll I got from Springwools. I'm not sure why I picked this colour- it's a tweedy blue that isn't particularly to my taste, but as sooon as I thought about knitting some socks for my dad, I knew it would be perfect. It kinda knits up into a denim-y fabric. As you can see, I knit this toe up, with short rows. I'm not sure right now whether I will do the short row heel, or maybe the upside down heel flap, a la Baudelaire, or Fleegle.

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