Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In which I am psychic

(Or, how we finally escaped Woking!)

Remember last month, when I had a little whine about how I'd like my life to at least vaguely resemble an adult's? Remember that bit about what if our jobs changed or The Limey got offered something better?

Dudes, I am psychic!

The Limey has indeed been offered another position. (We will not mention the unfairness of him just being given jobs out of the blue when I've been busting my ass trying to find one.) When I got laid off from my job in Southampton, the plan was to find a job closer to his so that we could move into London and live somewhere less soul-sucking. I guess the FSM had other plans.

The Limey does quite like his current job, so it took a couple of weeks for him to weigh up the offer and counter-offers. One of the major minuses was that the new job is in notLondon. One of the pluses was that it isn't in Woking. In the end, what decided it was that the people at the new place took him out and got him drunk. (Yeah, that totally works- it's how I scored him!)

So, in six weeks or so, we'll be moving to Oxford.

We're quite happy about it. Oxford is its own city- it's not a suburb. And we really liked it when we visited last year. I distinctly remember walking through the Covered Market and thinking, "Why doesn't Woking have something like this? If we lived here, I could do my grocery shopping here." So I guess now I can! Also, there're tons of science jobs up there- lots of science parks and, of course, the university, so I can continue my job search on fairly fertile ground.

I've already asked Mooncalf about living in Oxford (I suspect she's being paid by the council, or at least their tourist board!) and she's given me quite a lot of advice. I can't wait to move up there. I've made The Limey promise we can rent a place with a garden.


mooncalf said...

Giggle - I wish I were being paid by the council!

I am being paid by the sciencey part of the University though so I can tell you the best place to look for jobs is here:

Join us...

Lien said...

Hey congrats - or really, congrats to the Limey. Good luck in the job search. A change of scenery would be fab. I'm trying to talk to the boyfriend into moving to Europe somewhere (I'm thinking Venice - he's not) so I might just have to be happy with a holiday there instead.

Woolly Stuff said...

congrats on your escape from Woking! that is really great news; even better if you get a garden.

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a few decisions made for you! Good Luck!

Averil said...

Congrats to you both! That´s great news. I´ve never been to Oxford but everything I´ve heard about it has been positive, and it even looked pretty as Inspector Morse chased around after murderers! I think I´ve a thing for places where crime tv series are set - I want to go to Miami on holidays after watching CSI!!

Dawn said...

I'm happy to hear you are getting away from Woking, I know how much you hated it! Good luck with the job hunting! Helena works in Oxford, so maybe you could have a knitting meet up!