Saturday, April 05, 2008


The Limey and I went to Oxford for the Easter weekend. It's only, maybe, an hour's drive away, but we got a hotel room and stayed for a couple of nights anyway, to make it seem like an actual vacation. (My passport is with the Home Office for immigration things, so I can't leave this frigging country, for months and months.)

Oxford is a great town to walk around in. Lots of little lanes and backstreets, and amazing buildings wherever you look. I'll spare you the tourist pictures, though.

Oh, except one:

(Click to biggerize.)

Squeeeeee! I only wish they would let us into the actual labs. How awesome would that have been?


jacqueline said...

I can't actually read the plaque... what does it say?

chemgrrl said...

Woah! How crap, two big science dudes both on the same plaque. Too bad they didn't let you in. That would have been rock awesome!

Thalia said...

DUDE!! That is AWESOME! I would have had a mini geek-out fit right there.