Saturday, April 04, 2009

Whoa! Knitting content!

Everything in the household has gone crazy in the last few weeks. Changes are afoot, and I'll be able to tell you more when everything's decided. (No, it isn't me getting a job.)

Surprisingly, this has not meant that I'm doing more knitting. I'm kind of stalled on it. I've got a few swatches to do up and proposals to send off, but I'm not managing it at the moment. This means that, in the last month, really all I've done is a few bits and pieces that don't really add up to anything substantial. Still, it's something.

Remember the never-ending sleeve?

This is its sister! Yes, I finally managed to finish the first one, and am now halfway through the second. I have a weird love/hate relationship with this project. I hate the thought of sitting down with the charts and following the lace pattern. But once I've started, I keep saying to myself, Just one more row, just one more row...

At one point, to have something to knit in the car, I did start some socks for The Limey.

These are Kate's Hareton socks (Rav link), but done toe-up. I also have a surprise treatment for the cuff when I get to it.

Okay, now we're off to Kew to enjoy the day. Driving through Devon and Cornwall last weekend, I was happy to see that alot of the roadsides were planted with daffodils. Vast drifts of them. I'm excited to see what Kew looks like!

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Averil said...

Ooh off to investigate that sock pattern.It looks nice and manly looking! Just right for my OH.