Monday, February 19, 2007


For those who haven't seen them, the pictures from my two-month vacation are here. The whole trip was a blast. We spent a week in Hong Kong, three weeks in Vietnam, two days in Singapore, three weeks in New Zealand, and a week at home in San Francisco. Short thoughts:

Hong Kong: Shoperific! Great cheap food, and they speak English, but I still got a good chance to actually use my Cantonese. Felt right at home. All the clothes sizes fit!

Vietnam: Crazy. Just...crazy. But eventually we figured out how to cross streets. Great cheap food, fun streets to walk around, too much stuff to see. Trip reports here and here.

Singapore: Once again, shoperific! The night safari was awesome, and the food was cheaper than I'd thought it would be. So, again, great cheap food. I really wish we'd spent more time seeking out the hawker stalls. Instead, we walked around, and just stopped for food randomly. Still good, though.

New Zealand: Gorgeous. Really friendly people. The food was good, but not quite so cheap. Drove a lot, but it was so lovely that driving basically felt like sight-seeing, so it was great.


Ger said...

Lien, I've just spent the last half hour reading your blog and looking at the gorgeous photos of your truly great looking holiday.I really enjoyed it.
Ger (StitchnBitch Saturday)

Dr. Jen said...

Nice that you are blogging again.