Monday, February 26, 2007

More socks!

Ribbed boot socks
Yarn: Just a smidge less than 80 g of Sirdar's Town & Country wool-rich 4-ply sock yarn from Springwools
Needles: 2.5 mm (cheap) Pony dpn's
Pattern: heel and toe cobbled together from various sources: Silver's sock class, Knitter's Review, Knitty, and

These are for the Limey, whose hairy legs are displayed here. I made the legs 20 cm long, to accommodate his wearing them with boots- they have to be quite high.

There are a couple of problems I can see: 1) That pointy big toe! I can see a hole starting there. Maybe asymmetric shaping of the toes for next time? But that would involve him having to remember which sock is left and which right; 2) I did the heel flap too short, so that it ends before it hits the back of his ankle. This makes the leg of the sock bunch a bit right there, which is annoying. Next time, longer heel flap.

I cast on for these right after I finished my own socks, and, to give myself an opportunity to decide what kind of sock-knitter I am, I did these cuff down, with a heel flap. I have to say- didn't really enjoy it much. People complain about the fiddliness of the wrap-and-turns of the short row heel, but I find this much more tedious and mistake-prone. There are a few other heel treatments out there. I will definitely try some more.

Next up, sock-wise, are some knee-high lace socks for my sister's birthday. I was thinking the Anna socks from Rowan, but then I found Sodera! They are toe-up and come with shaping for the ankle and calf, which Anna lacks, and I can see some issues cropping up there.

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