Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ahhh, math

I'm trying to figure out how to knit set-in sleeves. I've already done the fronts and back of a cardigan, so I've got the armscyes all done. Now I just have to figure out how to shape the sleeve caps to fit.

I read through Knitty's series of articles on sleeves. I went over a bunch of different published patterns in the gauge I'm knitting at, to see how they do sleeves.

So I worked out the math for the first try at a sleeve last night while watching Eurovision. Hoo-boy. It's not the math. I can do math. The difficulty lay in making my brain concentrate on something intently for a longer period of time. All these months of not working means that I've gotten used to not having to think hard if I don't want to. It's terrible. I'm no longer adept at ignoring other things and paying complete attention to just one task. I better find a job soon. Luckily, most of the Eurovision contestants were so stomach-churningly horrible that my brain welcomed the opportunity to ignore it.


rednib said...

Sadly, even those of us with jobs find it hard to concentrate on one thing intently these days. Or maybe that's just me. Guess I can't speak for everyone. Sometimes I think I should start doing math again in my spare time just to keep my brain active.

jacqueline said...

I can't even address envelopes while the TV is on... good TV or bad TV.

Hell, I can't read a menu if someone is talking to me at the same time.

And yeah, I sometimes have a hard time concentrating on the things I'm supposed to be thinking about...