Monday, May 21, 2007

WWKIP Day Dublin Promo flyer

You can download this flyer for printing from the SnB Ireland site here.


Lisa said...

Hi there,

Just to let you know I have the flyers in the shop and a lot of people have said they will be going along on the day. I'll keep up the promotion! Looking forward to joining in on the (afternoon of) the 9th!


sweensie said...

Hi Lien
Just bak from hols and coming across all the info for the WWKIP day. Just to let you know that the link you have here isn't working, in case other people are trying it.Don't think I'll make it unfort on Sat as my bro and SIL are havng their wedding party that day!!Hope you get lots of peeps.:-D

Lien said...

Thanks for letting me know, Sara. I noticed the URL was wrong a couple of days ago and changed it, but I guess it's different yet again! I've finally just changed it to the files page of the Irish SnB group.

So the link should get you somewhere near the flyer, now.