Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Urghhh...I'm so old

The Limey and I had dinner at Chapter One last night with some friends. I think it's my first Michelin-starred meal. The food was absolutely gorgeous and we got the pre-theatre seating and menu, so it was totally a steal, as well.

I had one glass of wine with a three course dinner. One. A single glass. I started getting a headache almost as soon as we left the restaurant. We went to The Front Lounge afterwards (I mean, c'mon, gay karaoke, who's gonna say no to that?) and against my better instincts, I had some sort of sweet rum-based drink. (I had ordered a Cuba Libre, but no one is sure what drink the waittress had actually brought.) I sipped this for, like, two hours, and then had an orange juice. The headache just steadily got worse. When I got home, I took a couple Nurofen before I went to bed. Today, still with the freakin' headache! And when my headaches get bad, my stomach gets all queasy and nauseous, too. Just gross.

All this from two drinks. TWO drinks! Over a five hour period. Jesus, I may as well give up now.

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rednib said...

That is so sad. I am getting steadily more sensitive to alcohol too. I recommend sticking to dry wine (maybe even avoid tannins) and no mixed drinks unless you specifically order top shelf liquor to be used, and even then don't mix liquors.

I can get away with a few drinks if I am careful like this. Pretty much just a few sips of low quality liquor can break me for the rest of the night or next day. And jeez, stay away from the rum at all costs.