Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting used to it

I heard I was rejected for the Swindon job today. They sent the rejection by post, which is new. The letter included a name of one of the interviewers and a phone number in case I wanted feedback on my performance during the round of interviews. Of course I called- as I've said before, yeses and nos are useless without reasons- only to be told that the woman was out of the office until after the first week of August. Ha! Cowards.

Anyway, I am disappointed, of course, but not as devastatingly so as for the journal job. There are several reasons for this, the foremost one probably being that I'm simply getting used to rejection. The other reasons: it's in Swindon, and it paid shit. Don't get me wrong, neither of those would have stopped me taking the job had I been offered it. It would have been a great career move, and the job itself would have been interesting.

At any rate, the situation is now getting somewhat desperate. The Limey's contract ends in September, and he's already told his boss that he won't be able to renew it, because what with the immigration issues, we probably won't be staying in Dublin. And, I mean, at least one of us has to be bringing in some income. I'd promised him at the beginning of the year that it was his turn next to sit at home and wander about the internet all day. Hmm...may be time to think "outside the box".

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