Friday, July 20, 2007


Swindon was...uh...well, to quote the HR person at the interview, "The great thing about Swindon is that it's so easy to get to other places from it." The interview went all right, I think. It took all day. There was the actual interview, I gave a presentation, there was a "group exercise" and a written assessment. I felt like I was back in school taking exams again, and not in a good way.

Luckily, I waltzed through airport security with my bamboo straights, so I got lots done on the Silk Garden sweater in my hotel room.

In fact, I only stopped because I got to the point where I had to put the front neck stitches on a holder and start the steeked section, and I had no stitch holders or anything.

I'm a little frightened by the steeking bit, actually. I was reading through steek tutorials and stuff, and it seems like non-colourwork steeks would be a little more difficult to hold together. Steek reinforcement will be essential and I don't have a sewing machine (well, I do, but it's at my father's in San Francisco, like so much of my other stuff), so I am planning to hand sew the steeks. Don't know whether that will be as good. Yeech. Plus, it turns out I will need a wider steek band than I thought. This is fine, but as you all know, I'm watching and scrimping on every metre of yarn on this project.

I thought briefly about knitting the sides of the neck opening separately. I mean, if the stripes on the sleeves don't match, would it be that big of a deal if the shoulders didn't match, either?

On the plus side, I'm feeling a little better about all the colours...

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jacqueline said...

yay! colour acceptance!