Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Tale of Two Liens

So, one day, I was surfing the web during my copious free time. I may have been Googling myself*, or maybe just randomly reading knit blogs, when I found another knitblogger named Lien! Isn't that just crazy? I mean, I know those of you named, for instance, Wendy, are numerous enough to get your own knit blog ring, but I've never met another Lien before, let alone another knitter and blogger named Lien. It's awesome. We're about the same age and everything, and when I first found her blog, the post she had up was about John Howard shamelessly pandering to Australia's Asian immigrant population. Her reply was something I hope I have the chance to write someday.

I repeat: it's awesome. Ah, the wonder of the Interweb.

*Oh, come on, you know you all do it, too. If you honestly don't, you should. I figure since potential employers were Googling my name, I should sure as hell know what's floating around in the web about me. Google your usernames and nicknames, too. It's sometimes surprising what can be traced back to you.


Lien said...

Okay, I admit it, I've done the googling my own name thing too! But all I find are the comments I make on people's blogs.

Hope things are going okay with the visa thingo. Red tape sucks, but inefficient morons who control the dispenser suck even more.

Averil said...

I must admit I was a bit confused when you both were leaving posts for each other. I thought there was a bit of a split personality going on or something! I´ve just googled my name and I am a professor of sociology in Yale University (USA),which is quite interesting cos I have a degree in sociology and I used to tutor in UCC up until last year! And she has been published in many areas where I taught or specialised in, but I never came across her before. Weird. She´s the only one I came across as I don´t have a very common name either.