Monday, August 13, 2007

Huh! What'd you know?!

I have an interview in Southampton on Wednesday, so, as I always do before I travel, I googled "yarn shop Southampton".

And this is what I get!

It's a knitting resource page on the official University of Southampton website! Take a look at that list under 'Collections' on the left: data resources, European Documentation Centre, health circulars, knitting, official publications...

Totally, yet delightfully, bizarre.

Apparently they have a large knitting collection there. I was totally excited about visiting the exhibitions (there's a Montse Stanley collection!) and- get this- a knitting pattern collection! Unfortunately, the collection's only open on Thursdays. Damn.


Lien said...

How cool is that? One of my friends is a librarian in a public library and she's going to try to purchase more knitting books!! Will you be staying on till Thursday or just there for the day?

Ger said...

Gosh that sounds like a wonderful exhibition. Perhaps you will get to see it sometime. Good luck with the interview.